How to repair a laptop



I only ever have one laptop and its special to me because it is one of the earliest expensive stuff i asked from my mom.

But over a few years and as it normally would happen to any laptop or desktop, their specifications can no longer properly support new softwares. Well for desktops you can upgrade some parts to stay ahead from the trash bin but not much you can do to upgrade a laptop besides increasing the RAM and a change to SSD drive. As an engineering student and a maker, the softwares we use especially CAD softwares are pretty unforgivable.

So when my one and only precious laptop isnt fully utilised, i gave it to my wife for her daily use. She broke it.

Actually it wasnt fully her fault, some software bug rendered the laptop unable to properly boot the Windows. So as a pro gentleman, of course i took the laptop to try and repair it. I googled something something and eventually i tried to remove and change the RTC battery to reboot some configuration, and here is where i did my part. I broke it.

Half of the RTC battery holder ripped out, i tried to solder it back but no bueno. So now that i have added more problems to the current problem, the best thing to do is leave it to the real pro, we sent it for repair to a PC shop. Meh it didnt work out even after they have successfully able to restore my wallet to an empty state. The laptop was tuck away for nearly two years.

But recently i needed a laptop because i want to go to the library for same peace time. So how can i have a laptop when i cant afford a new one. So here i am back with my precious laptop kept away for nearly two years, of course with the same software bug problem and a broken hardware. But fortunately after years of procrastination i am now equipped with more knowledge, added skills and more sane mind to properly repair the laptop myself.

  1. First of all, the conditions of the laptop is checked first. After making sure the laptop can be turned on without any problem, i can say that there is no problem with the power supply. Good, now we know that rats or cockroaches dont like to play with broken laptops.
  2. Then i make sure specifically what is the problem with the software. I booted the laptop in Safe Mode, no problem. So this shows that there might be a problem with any installed programs, a virus or could be the graphic driver problem since in Normal Mode, the laptop shows blank image after the Windows boot.
  3. Luckily i found the problem with the software part by managing to go to the Task Manager even when the laptop goes blank after Windows boot. This shows that some program is disturbing the Windows. After terminating one by one of the suspicious running programs, Windows finally booted with the familiar background image of a very handsome guy and my wife.
  4. So now i have to repair back the hardware problem, which would reset the date of the laptop back to ancient times whenever the laptop is restarted because RTC battery isnt detected. I learned from a Youtuber that does laptop repairs that you can search the schematic of some laptops on the internet, he gave a link but i’ve forgotten it so yeah Google is your friend.
  5. I found the schematic for my laptop here. The schematic of the motherboard is 60 pages long with a lot of mumble jumble. So i look for a component nearest to the RTC battery, a resistor is labelled “r597” and searched for it in the schematic and easily found the specific schematic part. What was ripped of is the highlighted “RTC” line. So i need to jump it back to where it should be connected to. I also did a search in schematic if the “RTC” line is connected to anything else but i found nothing, thus only a single re-connection should do the job.

So that’s how i now have a laptop to go to the library.

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