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What gyro is on my SP Racing F3?

The answer should be MPU-6050 isnt it? … yeah but i’m sorry thats not the gyro that is on my SP Racing F3.

Flight Controllers (FC) are one of the easiest quadcopter part to be repaired but i had this one SP Racing F3 that shows weird symptoms. My noob troubleshooting skills are insufficient to solve this mystery of the world. My multimeter has run out of places to probe on the FC, there were no shorts, no missing or burnt components, supply voltage was good but FC just keeps blinking the red LED and it wont communicate with the PC. My brain though had an idea, but it requires a component that i dont have, so the FC was tuck away justttt beside the trash bin with a final warning… you are one step away to be thrown in the trash Mr. FC.

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