What gyro is on my SP Racing F3?

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The answer should be MPU-6050 isnt it? … yeah but i’m sorry thats not the gyro that is on my SP Racing F3.

Flight Controllers (FC) are one of the easiest quadcopter part to be repaired but i had this one SP Racing F3 that shows weird symptoms. My noob troubleshooting skills are insufficient to solve this mystery of the world. My multimeter has run out of places to probe on the FC, there were no shorts, no missing or burnt components, supply voltage was good but FC just keeps blinking the red LED and it wont communicate with the PC. My brain though had an idea, but it requires a component that i dont have, so the FC was tuck away justttt beside the trash bin with a final warning… you are one step away to be thrown in the trash Mr. FC.

I soon remembered that i have a broken CC3D, giving a ray of hope to finally test this bright idea of mine, as bright as the white pale CC3D.

The idea is to replace the SP Racing F3 gyro, the blinking red LED is probably because the F3 chip is having trouble communicating with the gyro. But the CC3D have different gyro, MPU-6000 while the SP Racing F3’s gyro is MPU-6050.

Fret not pilots, both gyros are basically the same. They even share the same datasheet, their only difference is that MPU-6050 can only use I2C communication while MPU-6000 can do both I2C and SPI communications. And both ICs are pin-compatible which makes this repair job possible, yay!

MPU-6000 & MPU-6050

So, why not? Lets do this gyro transplant pilots!

  1. Remove the MPU-6050 from the SP Racing F3. There’s no way you can do this with a solder iron… four solder irons? Maybe. But its easier done with a rework station of course.
  2. Clean the gyro’s solder pads on the SP Racing F3 and reflow the MPU-6000 onto the FC.
  3. Check with multimeter for any shorts and of course test the SP Racing F3, power on the FC and pray no magic smoke appears.

So yeah, i just saved a few bucks from buying a new FC by repairing this SP Racing F3. Most importantly i just solved one of the mystery of the world ;p Is there any advantage by putting MPU-6000 on the SP Racing F3. Of course! i get to say for a fact that this is one rare FC i have here 🙂

But technically…? Meh, no advantage at all 🙂 The SP Racing F3 is designed to use MPU-6050 with I2C communication, thus there is no Chip Select (CS) line routed on the board for the FC to communicate with the newly replaced MPU-6000 using SPI protocol.


  1. Nghi Nguyen

    I left a reply to your comment on a youtube question on the same problem. Your mentioning of MPU6000 pointed me in the right direction so I could fix my own SP Racing F3 controller. Thanks for sharing.

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