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How to add VBatt Telemetry for iA6B Receiver with Turnigy Evolution

Turnigy Evolution is one of the affordable low-cost RC transmitter option with a good build quality. It is sold with a receiver and comes with a simple cover that protects the front of the controllers along with the gimbals. The small size of the transmitter makes it really easy to fit in any bag packs.

While other superior transmitters such as the widely used Taranis X9D Plus have more functions and switches, the Turnigy Evolution stood strong to those who favors a transmitter approach with just-enough functions for FPV drone fliers. The remote is also unique where it is ergonomically designed for a very comfortable hold in the hands and is a no-brainer pick to those coming from especially gamers or a thumber. Its small size and the close proximity between gimbals gives a thumber easy and comfortable access for full throttle all the way full stick movements in all directions. This however proves to be a disadvantage to those who favor pinching as it provides them limited room for finger movements.

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