How to add VBatt Telemetry for iA6B Receiver with Turnigy Evolution



Turnigy Evolution is one of the affordable low-cost RC transmitter option with a good build quality. It is sold with a receiver and comes with a simple cover that protects the front of the controllers along with the gimbals. The small size of the transmitter makes it really easy to fit in any bag packs.

While other superior transmitters such as the widely used Taranis X9D Plus have more functions and switches, the Turnigy Evolution stood strong to those who favors a transmitter approach with just-enough functions for FPV drone fliers. The remote is also unique where it is ergonomically designed for a very comfortable hold in the hands and is a no-brainer pick to those coming from especially gamers or a thumber. Its small size and the close proximity between gimbals gives a thumber easy and comfortable access for full throttle all the way full stick movements in all directions. This however proves to be a disadvantage to those who favor pinching as it provides them limited room for finger movements.

When the Turnigy Evolution started selling, it comes with the Turnigy iA6B (V1) receiver which does not support vbatt telemetry but it does sends 5V power telemetry info to the transmitter, which is mehh.. kinda useless… although at least there’s telemetry!

Since telemetry capability is there but only that it sends useless 5V BEC voltage info, what we want to do is change the voltage information that is sent to the transmitter is based on our current lipo battery voltage condition.

Have you updated your Turnigy Evolution with the latest (March 2017 firmware?

1. We need to find the two resistors that makes up the voltage divider circuit for the receiver to input the ADC readings. The two resistors are highlighted within the red lines and R5 resistor is of interest in this mod.

Voltage divider circuit on the iA6B

2. One side of the R5 resistor is connected to 5V lines and thus we need to cut that 5V trace that is connected with it. Cut the trace between the resistors shown in yellow circle, using a knife for example try to approximately scratch the PCB following the red line.

Cut 5V connected to resistor R5

3. One side of resistor R5 is connected with the resistor besides it, if the 5V trace is cut off, they will not connect with each other anymore. Use multimeter to test for continuity.

5V trace cut off from resistor R5

4. Once resistor R5 connection has been cut off from the 5V trace, solder a jumper or a wire on it as shown in yellow circle below.

Solder a jumper wire

5. Since the jumper wire are soldered or connected to the tiny resistor R5, it is best to strengthen its position by applying glue on it.

Apply glue to strengthen the wire position


What’s left is to solder the jumper wire to any positive lipo battery terminal, as in this case shown above, it is soldered to the VBATT positive solder pad on the LumbaF3 flight controller which is already connected to lipo terminal. With this mod, the Turnigy Evolution transmitter should show the telemetry lipo battery voltage reading.

Turnigy evolution showing the lipo voltage telemetry info


P/S: It is important to note that this mod is however incomplete. Although telemetry info works just fine and shows the lipo battery voltage reading, it is however mostly suitable for 3S because the voltage reading is capped at 16V max. Another disadvantage is that the Turnigy Evolution firmware does not allow to tune the voltage reading and based on my experience the voltage measurement is off by ~0.13V.

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