This blog post is dedicated to explain all the necessities regarding setting up LUMBAF3 flight controller. This include instructions on how to get into DFU mode, how to flash Betaflight firmware, LUMBAF3 specifications, LUMBAF3 supported functions and its wiring diagram.

  1. How to get into DFU mode

    • Open the Betaflight Configurator
    • Press and hold the BOOT button on the FC and plug in the USB
      • this will put the FC into DFU mode as shown below
    • If you are unable to get the FC into DFU mode, you may have to change the virtual com port driver on your PC for the above to work
      • *(Skip these steps if you can get DFU mode working)
      • Download Zadiq and open it.
      • Click “Options” and make sure “List All Devices” is ticked.
      • Repeat earlier steps, press and hold the BOOT button on the FC and plug in the USB.
      • Select “STM32 BOOTLOADER” in the dropdown menu, select “WinUSB” and click “Reinstall/Replace Driver”.
      • Once this is done, you should now be able to get DFU mode working in Betaflight Configurator.
  2. How to flash LUMBAF3 with Betaflight firmware
    • After getting into DFU mode, you can go to the Firmware Flasher tab on the bottom left.
    • Choose LUMBAF3 and the firmware version that you wish
      • LUMBAF3 3.20-RC3 is only shown if “Show unstable releases” tab is enabled.
    • Make sure that “No reboot sequence” and “Full chip erase” is enabled.
    • Download the firmware by click “Load Firmware [Online]“.
    • Once download has finished, click “Flash Firmware” to flash the firmware into LUMBAF3 FC and you’re done!


  • LUMBAF3 Specifications:
    • MCU: STM32F3
    • IMU: MPU6000
    • USB: STM32 VCP
    • Hardware UARTS: 2
    • Software UARTS: 1
    • Blackbox: 16MB On-board flash memory
    • PPM/UART Shared: No
    • Battery Voltage Sensor: Yes
    • Buttons: Yes for boot
    • Number of ESC/Motor outputs: 5 (1 shared with LED)
    • Unbuffered Bidirectional ESC out/in-puts: Yes
    • ESC passthrough possible: Yes
    • LED-strip output: Yes
    • Sbus inverter: Configurable, UARTx
    • Firmware target: Betaflight
    • PPM only: Yes
    • Buzzer: Yes
    • Telemetry port: Yes
    • Spektrum Satellite Receivers: Yes
    • BlHeli passthrough: Yes
    • WS2811 Led Strip: Yes


  • LUMBAF3 Special Function
      • *Betaflight new feature
      • recommended to change delay value in CLI
        • in CLI, type “set camera_control_key_delay = 180”
      • Stick commands for controlling the camera OSD menu:
      • CAMERA_CONTROL connection on LUMBAF3
        • Connect the OSD pin on the camera and solder it directly to CAM pin on the LUMBAF3 (highlighted in green color).




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